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Beldersay ski resort


Uzbekistan is famous not only for its ancient architectural monuments, but also for its magnificent mountain landscapes. Nature itself has made sure that here you can have a good rest and do your favorite winter and summer sports. Stunning mountain resorts are scattered like pearls here. Among the first and most popular among skiers is the Beldersay ski resort.

The river and the ski resort Beldersay is located in Bostanlyk district of Tashkent region, 80 kilometres from Tashkent and 5 km from Chimgan tourist camp. While "Chimgan" is usually recommended for family holidays and for novice skiers, "Beldersay" is intended for more experienced athletes. On the territory of the resort built a first-class hotel and ski slopes. There are 2 cable cars –5 km long, lifting time -24 min, height difference of 565 m. and ski trial - about 1 km long, lifting time - 5 min., height difference -200 m).

The snow condition at Beldersay ski resort differs from the European one. The continental climate, the Himalayas on the one hand and Siberia on the other, provide extreme temperatures and heavy snowfall. The snow here is just great, dry and cold, great for skiing and, according to experts, is considered one of the best in the world.

For skiers, the season is open from December to March inclusive. In summer, interesting tours are organized here. For example, if you climb to the top of the Beldersay gorge, you can see ancient petroglyphs depicting scenes of hunting wild animals.

So think about it, because only mountains can be better than mountains!


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