The British “Wanderlust travel magazine” included Ichan-Kala in the TOP 9 impressive fortress cities around the world


One of the largest British magazines “Wanderlust travel magazine” has published an article about 9 impressive fortress cities around the world.

The publication included the ancient Ichan Kala as a “labyrinth of mosques, palaces and minarets".

"Across the centuries, walled defences have protected cities the world over, making them a common feature from Colombia to France to China. These nine incredible walled cities are among the best..." the publication notes.

The nine best fortress cities included Cartagena Fortress in Colombia, Dubrovnik in Croatia, Tarudant in Morocco, Yorkshire Castle in the UK, Ichan-Kala Fortress in Uzbekistan, Carcassonne in France, Jerusalem in Israel, Mdina in Malta, Xi'an Fortress in China.

As the author of the article Emma Higgins notes, “the imposing, sand-coloured walls of this fortress stretch for just over 2 kms in length and reach up to 10 metres high in parts, with giant curved towers spaced out along the route.”

“The ancient city inside is frequently praised for being particularly well-presrved. A labyrinth of mosques, palaces, minarets and more await you here in this beguiling and exotic destination ideal for keen explorers.” – says the author of the British magazine.

Wanderlust is a leading magazine about adventure and authentic travel, founded in 1993 by Paul Morrison and Lyn Hughes, who planned this project during a flight to Ecuador. Having won many awards, Wanderlust travel magazine continues to inspire tourists with stories about unusual adventures and the most exciting destinations in the world.

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