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Eco-routes of the Khorezm region and the Khorezm National Nature Park


The Khorezm region and southern Karakalpakstan deserve a visit not only because of their richness of historical monuments, but also because of the many interesting natural places. Along the banks of the Amu Darya river, you can find small strips of a unique type of coastal vegetation - the Tugai forest. The Tugai forest is an important habitat for many wild animals, such as wild boar, Bukhara deer, gazelle, fox, jackal, tolay hare and many species of birds. On this territory, ecotourism routes are created in three directions along the historical and natural monuments of the region.

Destination #1 Ecotourism points

 The first direction includes the historical monuments "Dishan-Kala" and "Ichan-Kala", the "Boltaboy aksakal", "Valiko plus" and "Karakum" farms located on the shore of the natural reservoir "Eshonrovot " in the camp Kyzyl Kum in the Khiva district. In addition, on an area of 2400 hectares in the Yangiarik district there is a recreation area "Ulli Shorkul" ("Khorezm Sea") with water area, in the Bagat district there is an ecotourism farm "QALAJIQQAL'A OASIS ECOTURISM", and in the Urgench district there is a beautiful ecozone "Urganch El tur". 

The "Urganch El tur" ecozone is located in the Urgench district of the Khorezm region on the banks of the Amu Darya River. The area of the park is 26 hectares. On the river bank you can stay in a yurt, equip a summer kitchen, go fishing and just relax in the amazingly beautiful nature, right in the middle of the Tugai forest.

The farm "Boltaboy aksakal " is located on the Bank of a natural water reservoire "Eshonrovot ". There you can stay in yurt camps with all amenities, there is also a small hotel that fully meets modern international standards, a modern tennis court, floating motor and mechanical boats, scooters, catamarans. Camel rides and trips to the 200-hectare sandy nature reserve can be arranged.

Farm "Karakum" is located in the area adjacent to the farm "Boltaboy aksakal". There is a camping site with a restaurant in the national style. The facility is also equipped with a yurt camp, floating motor and mechanical moving boats, scooters, catamarans. A copy of the Islam Khoja minaret of ancient Khiva was built, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the territory from above.

"Valiko Plus” ecotourism Farm is located just 12 km from Khiva. Ecotourism routes are organized along the sand dunes of the 700-hectare farm. On an area of 16 hectares there is a fish lake. Tourists can go fishing and see firsthand the preparation of national fish dishes from freshly caught fish.

Ecotourism farm "QALAJIQQAL'A OASIS ECOTURISM" is located in Bagat district in the village of Khojat. Here is the sanatorium "Kalajik oromgohi", a nursery has been created, additional eco-routes are opened on sand dunes and on unused land with an area of 114 hectares.

Destination #2 

Objects of the Khorezm National Natural Park

In the lower reaches of the Amu Darya, in the northern part of the Turan Plain, there is an ancient delta of the Amu Darya, which occupies part of the left bank and a small part of the Kyzylkum on the right bank.

Khorezm National Nature Park is located in a desert-arid zone and is characterized by a sharply continental climate. The air temperature in summer can reach + 43, +54 ° C, and in winter - up to -16, -28 ° C. The annual precipitation is 120-140 mm. The park was created relatively recently by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 14, 2019 for the purpose of breeding and preserving wild, medical plants and rare animal species in the natural territories of the Khorezm region. The area of the park is 21.7 hectares.

There are no lakes and other water sources on the territory of the natural park, which gives the park a unique vegetation and wildlife. The bank of the Amu Darya river is covered with dense floodplain forest. Here you can meet a large number of wild animals, birds and fish. The flora of the Khorezm National Natural Park is very rich and diverse, and its protection and study is one of the main tasks of the park's employees. In the area there are saxaul fields, tugai forests, sandy plants. More than 13 species of plants are registered in the park, including reeds, black saxophones, tugai plants, holophytes of wet salt marshes, bivalve plants of hard gypsum sand plains, small sand plants, etc.

Invertebrates have a large biodiversity, some are listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the Tugai forests along the river there are a number of mammals, such as wild boar, tugai cat, badger. Scientists and inspectors work on the territory of the park, who monitor the animal and plant world. The Khorezm project of the national natural park built 3 checkpoint and administrative building of the park in Urgench district, 4 observation point and the artificial nursery in Yangibazar district, 1 observation point in Khiva district and 1 observation post in Tuprokkala area. Work is underway to create a museum of the natural park.

In the future plans for the development of the park, the development and creation of additional eco-routes, the organization of horse rides, safari tours. In particular, to reach the shores of the Amu Darya tugai forests, is located in Yangibazar district, there will be additional excursions and equipped recreation areas and tourist centres, covering the activities of the Park with modern, eco-friendly information technology. Among other things, the Khorezm National Nature Park is an important ornithological territory, where several rare bird species in the world and species listed in the Red Book of Uzbekistan are found. Recreation areas and viewing platforms were created to observe rare birds. You can get to the nature park either on your own or on specially organized bus routes from Urgench.

Destination #3 

City of Urgench - Tuprokkala District 

This route leads to the geological historical object "Uch uchok", which translates as "Three ovens" (200 km). The site is located on the historical territory of Mesopotamia. In the near future, hotels, restaurants, camping sites and other tourist facilities will be built here. "Three ovens" – is a geological and historical object, it has been studied for a long time by scientists from the Khorezm Mamun Academy and, as historians believe, it was formed as a result of a large meteor shower. The geological historical site "Three ovens " may be of great interest to foreign scientists and tourists. The natural appearance of this area has become much more chaotic and unusual as a result of the use of its upper part as a quarry. In order to preserve the historical site, this area is also included in the Khorezm National Nature Park.

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