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Euronews: Uzbekistan's International Conference puts regional connectivity on the agenda


July 22, 2021, a news story dedicated to the international conference "Central and South Asia: Regional Interconnectedness Challenges and opportunities"" held in Tashkent on July 15-16 was covered by the Euronews television channel.

The main focus of the news story is on the strengthening and expansion of interregional relations between the countries of Central and South Asia, the restoration of trade routes through Afghanistan. The story also tells about the proposed development projects in the fields of trade, transport, infrastructure development and tourism.

As the European TV channel notes, "Uzbekistan is also working on expanding regional cooperation and infrastructure projects."

Among such projects is the construction of a new power transmission line to the cities of Afghanistan, which will supply electricity to the neighboring country. As Deputy Minister of Energy in Uzbekistan Sherzod Khodjaev specified, "now Uzbekistan occupies about 40% of the market, after the completion of the construction of power lines, the volume of supplies will increase by 2.5 times."

"Diversification of transport networks is one of the key tasks of the landlocked countries of Central Asia." - notes Euronews.

Our country has initiated the construction of a railway through Afghanistan to Pakistan. By connecting South and Central Asia, the Mazari—Sharif—Kabul-Peshawar road can become an incentive not only for the economy of Afghanistan, but also for the entire region, which will help open a direct route to the landlocked Central Asian countries to the Pakistani seaports, and further to India.

The European TV channel quotes comments from foreign and Uzbek experts who unanimously believe that when creating transport corridors between the countries of Central and South Asia, the inland countries that do not have access to the ocean will get new opportunities to access the largest international ports and become part of the global international trade network.

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