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German "Die Welt" about Uzbekistan


"Uzbekistan is one of the most beautiful countries in Central Asia with an ancient history and rich cultural heritage. The territory of the country wonderfully combines high-altitude valleys and hot deserts, multicultural archaeological and historical complexes strewn with monuments of ancient architecture, as well as modern megacities," the German newspaper writes about our country.

For reference: "Die Welt "is one of the most influential information papers in Germany, published by "Axel Springer SE", and is widely popular among representatives of the German business elite. The newspaper publishes a variety of news and analytical materials. The first issue was published in Hamburg on April 2, 1946.

In this article, German tourists are invited to make an informative excursion into the history of the peoples of Central Asia and get acquainted with the historical sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, as well as to conduct an exciting journey along the ancient routes of the Great Silk road.

The unique natural and climatic conditions of Uzbekistan provide an excellent opportunity for recreation and tourism. Each region can boast its own natural opportunities: high mountain ranges - the foothills of the Pamir and Tien Shan, crystal-clear lakes, noisy rivers and healing springs.

The country is rapidly developing popular types of tourism - extreme, pilgrimage, ethnic, rural and others. More and more new routes and tourist service centers are being created. - writes the author.

Special emphasis in the publication is placed on the culture and traditions, as well as the national cuisine of Uzbekistan, which are the main pearls that are worth seeing and tasting.

To get acquainted with this wealth, you need to travel all over the country, but those who want to see the entire palette of Uzbek culture in one place should visit the unique ethno-festivals of Uzbekistan, which bring together creative teams from all regions of the Republic. It is here that you can see the entire flavor of Uzbek dance, music, and applied art.

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