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“Humson” Health resort - a small Switzerland in the Tashkent region


On the bank of the noisy Ugam river in the picturesque mountainous area of the Tashkent region there is a sanatorium that has been a popular medical institution among many Uzbek people for a long time.

Humson health resort is located in Bostanlyk district, 80 km from the capital. When you arrive here, you are amazed by the abundance of greenery, firs and pines. Now, the courtyard looks like a real winter fairy tale, and in spring the entire resort area turns into a flower valley. Clean mountain air and unique nature are the main components of the institution's treatment programs.

That is why a group of scientists from the Semashko Research Institute, who came here in 1972 to hold a scientific conference, decided to turn the tourist recreation area Humson into a medical and sanatorium institution. Since that time, people have come here not just to relax and breathe the mountain air, but also to get full medical care.

Our team of the National PR-centre decided to find out what the sanatorium is so famous for and what it can offer to its visitors. Upon arrival, we were met by polite managers of the health institution and were very happy that the State Tourism Committee is interested in medical tourism objects. They took us through the neatly manicured rooms and treatment and prevention blocks of the sanatorium and told us about the history of the sanatorium and what its main feature is.

Opened in 1972 and occupying 16 hectares of mountainous terrain, the health resort “Humson” has been expanding and developing its capabilities from year to year. The sanatorium has 211 first-class specialists at this moment. On average, up to 5,000 people a year rest and recover in the sanatorium.

Back in the 70s, scientists of the Semashko Research Institute determined the level of oxygen saturation in the air on the territory of Humson. It was 11 % higher of the air environment of Russian resorts in Kislovodsk.

Initially, the sanatorium was aimed at treating diseases of the nervous system, heart, blood, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems. The chief doctor of the sanatorium Gavhar Sadritdinova told us about the treatment procedures in more detail.

“Among modern medical procedures, the most popular in the sanatorium are the departments of traction medicine (procedures for stretching limbs and muscles), climate therapy, hydrotherapy (water procedures), physiotherapy, vacuum therapy, cosmetic therapy, all types of massage and Spa procedures. Wakkum therapy uses advanced developments of German scientists for the prevention and treatment of sportsmen and athletes. The system reduces blood pressure in the body, improves blood circulation of the lower extremities, pain relief and strengthening of the patient's limb joints”.

The hydrotherapy Department uses pearl baths, herbal baths, Charcot showers, circular showers, etc.

For hikers, the resort regularly organizes trips to the mountain areas of Chimgan, Beldersay and Charvak reservoir.

Prices here are quite reasonable and vary depending on the type of treatment and the room chosen. The total cost includes treatment, three meals a day and accommodation.


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