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Holy Assumption Cathedral Church in Tashkent


Almost in the centre of Tashkent, you can see the incredible beauty of the Holy Assumption Cathedral Church. It is located near Mirabad market and the Central railway station.

Once on the place of the large Cathedral there was a small church and a military cemetery. It was built on the territory of the Tashkent military hospital. In the middle of the XIX century, it was decided to expand the temple and by 1879 the construction was completed. During the World War II, the Church was used for the hospital needs, and after the end of the war, the Cathedral was reopened and designated as the main Orthodox Church in Tashkent.

Nowadays, the Holy Assumption Cathedral is a large complex. It includes the Assumption Cathedral, the Church of St.Luke of the Crimea, the water-sanctifying, the baptistery and Theological Seminary. The Cathedral was reconstructed several times, in particular, the domes and bell tower of the Cathedral were transformed. The territory was notably improved and expanded. You can take a walk in a small garden, enjoy the fountain, and see a marble plaque made in honor of the centenary of the Tashkent diocese.

The parishioners and the guests of the capital note the extraordinary beauty of the complex. The main entrance to the Cathedral is decorated with a triple arch and a golden dome. The complex is built in a classic style. The domes are covered with gold paint, and the walls of the complex are decorated with blue and white decor. Inside the Cathedral, you can see a large multi-tiered chandelier. The room, thanks to architectural tricks, seems bright and spacious.

The main shrines of the Cathedral are the ancient icons, the ark with the particles of the tree of the Holy cross, the relics of Kiev-Pechersk reverends, the icon of the Dormition of the Holy virgin, the icon of the Holy great Martyr Panteleimon, the “Iveron” icon of the Holy mother of God, the icon of St. Basil the Great, the icon of St.Nicholas the Wonderworker, and others.

Services at the main Orthodox Cathedral of Tashkent are held twice a day: at nine o’clock in the morning and at five o’clock in the afternoon.


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