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International festival of ethnosport will be held in Khiva

05.09.2023 942

On September 7-10 this year, the International Ethnosports Festival will be organized for the first time in the Ichan-Kala complex in Khiva. The grand opening of the festival will take place on September 8 this year at 19:00.

As part of the International Ethnosport Festival, the following are expected:

Forum for the development and promotion of ethnic sports in conjunction with the World Confederation of Ethnosport;

Culinary competition, consisting of two sections with the participation of experienced chefs from the regions;

Festival of melons grown in our country;

Exhibition areas of handicrafts and works of art representing the national culture and traditions of our people;

3 world championships (braves game and stone lifting, mas-wrestling, Uzbek martial arts);

International Belt Wrestling Tournament;

Demonstration performances in 6 sports (Turonian martial arts, wrestling, wrestling and triathlon, equestrianism, archery and bird hunting);

Demonstration games in 12 national folk games;

At the same time, a meeting of the chairman of the World Confederation of Ethnosport Najmeddin Bilal Erdogan with the youth of Uzbekistan will be organized.

It is expected that 1884 people from 63 countries will take part in the events, including 928 foreign and 956 domestic guests.

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