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People who have not lost the ability to be surprised will enjoy an amazing video about the lost Alexandria of Oxiana. The video takes you to the distant past of Ancient Surkhandarya – to the amazing settlement of Kampyrtepa, with an army, an outpost and a luxurious palace, which were exactly modeled and recreated by historians and architects of our country.

30 km away. from the city of Termez on the right coast of the Amu Darya there is an ancient monument of ancient Bactria - the ruins of the ancient city of Kampyrtepa.

In 2018, archaeologists proved that the residence of Alexander the Great, ancient Alexandria on the Oxus (other name of the Amu Darya), was once located here. During the archaeological excavations, cultural layers were discovered and new objects related to the period of the great commander's arrival here were found.

The ruins of the ancient city of Kampyrtepa

The life in the city of Kampyrtepa lasted for at least 500 years and divide it into three historical periods:

1. The initial stage is the arrival of Alexander the Great and the settlement of Kampyrtepa (IV - II centuries BC).

2. The Kushan-Yuezhi stage is the most stable and calm period (II - I centuries BC). 

3. The Kushan stage is the period of the highest flourishing of the Campyrtepa (I - II centuries AD).

Now Kampyrtepa includes the "Lower City", a deep moat and a citadel. The "Lower City" is protected by a powerful fortress wall with rectangular towers. Inside the "Lower City" there are various rooms combined into four large blocks and separated by corridors. The undefended part of the city is occupied mainly by burial complexes. Also on the territory you can see the remains of a Buddhist temple, samples of folk art, architectural and design solutions of various historical periods, which is of great interest to scientists and history lovers.

Artifacts such as coins, fragments of Greek writing, household items and tools, various equipment, grain storage containers, jewelry made of silver, bronze and other materials were found on the territory of the Campyrtepa.

Now the fortress of Kampyrtepa is included in the List of UNESCO Cultural Heritage monuments and is the most important historical object for the whole world.

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