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The architectural ensemble of Khodja Islam


Ichan-Kala is the heart and soul of ancient Khiva. An open-air city and a unique repository of ancient architectural monuments. In the very center of Ichan-Kala there is a unique spiritual institution of the beginning of the XX century. This is the madrasah of Islam-Khoja. The architectural ensemble consists of the madrasah itself and a minaret with a height of almost 45 meters.

The initiator of the construction of the religious building in 1908 was a progressive figure of his time, Islam Khoja, who was also the father-in-law and chief vizier of the Khiva ruler Asfandiyarkhan.

Prominent masters and architects of the Khiva khanate worked on the construction of the madrasah, including the famous master Khudoibergan Khodji and the best masters – ornamentalists of that time.

According to the idea of the architects, 2 structures were built as a game of contrasts: the highest minaret on a small territory is adjacent to the smallest madrasah .

Inside the madrasa, you can see more than 40 prayer rooms and a large domed hall. The mihrab-prayer wall facing the Mecca is decorated with elegant majolica and ganch, and the walls are tiled with tiles and blue glaze.

In 1910, the construction of the ensemble was completed. The height of the minaret was 44.6 meters. It was one of the highest minarets in the East after the Kalyan minaret in Bukhara.


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