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Tuzkan Lake – an ancient oasis of Kyzylkum


Nature abhors a vacuum. That is what Aristotle said. If there is anything beautiful on this earth, it is given us only by nature.

There is a lake of unprecedented beauty in the Farish district of the Jizzakh region. It is Tuzkan Lake. This reservoir is one of the largest in the Aydar-Arnasay system of lakes. The drainless and brackish lake Tuzkan was repeatedly subjected to drying up. Till the end of the 60s of the XX century, Tuzkan was a natural lake. In 1969, because of the discharge of water from the Chardara reservoir, the Aydar lowland was filled, connecting with the natural lake.

The most southern lake in the Aydar-Arnasay system joins the Aydarkul Lake in the north-west. If you look from above, the lake is elongated towards the west and has a triangular shape.

Nowadays, the length of the lake is 35 kilometers; the width is 22-25 km, while the total area of the lake system is about 3750 km2.

Tuzkan Lake is a great place for a family holiday on the beach, or with friends, with a guitar by the fire. If you want to enjoy the most beautiful sunset or dawn, we advise you to take a tent with you.

For fishing enthusiasts, there are also options here. The brackish lake is mainly home to walleye, catfish, carp and snakehead.

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