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The Memorial Complex of Sultan Uwais Karani


Uwais Ibn Amir al-Karani is a highly respected figure in Islam and Sufism. He lived in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Throughout his life, this saint traveled a lot and was engaged in the spread of Islam. The life and even death of Uwais Karani gave rise to many legends. It is believed that after his death in the battle of Siffin, the seven sultans could not decide who would bury al-Karani. Each Sultan prepared a coffin, and it turned out that the Saint was in each of them.

There are several places in the Muslim world where al-Karani is buried. And one of these places is located in the Chartak district of Namangan region. According to legend, he came to these lands to promote Islam. Karani's mother is also believed to be buried here. When she died, the saint could not find water for her ablution for a long time, and then al-Karani turned to the Allah with a request for water. Then he hit the dry ground with his hand and the Holy spring scored at the same time.

Mazar on this site was erected in the 12-13 centuries and over time there was a large architectural complex, including a mosque, mausoleum and Museum. And in recent years, a large-scale reconstruction has been carried out here. The territory of the complex and the surrounding area were landscaped, a library and even a hotel were built. Today, all conditions for performing pilgrimage rites are created on the territory of the complex. The main entrance is decorated with symbolic gates. In the Central part there is a reservoir, and the erected buildings of the mosque and mausoleum are so artfully decorated that they look like toys from a bird's eye view.

For several centuries, the shrine has attracted pilgrims from all over the world, and now the beautiful complex has become a place of solitude and peace.

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