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Mountains of Uzbekistan


- Would you like tea or coffee?

–– … Mountains for me, please!


One can talk endlessly about the mountains of Uzbekistan, they are so beautiful and majestic. It seemed that there is no such person who would not be drawn to the mountains. There is no doubt that the mountains are the place where you can recharge your batteries, enjoy all the power of nature, get in touch with the beautiful creation of God.

The area of the mountain system reaches one hundred thousand square meters and occupies 20% of the total area of our country, which is a lot. The mountains of Uzbekistan are not the highest in the world, but they are one of the most beautiful. As a rule, the average height of the mountains is from two to four thousand meters. The four-thousanders are located in the most inaccessible places and it is very difficult to get to them. The highest mountain is the peak of Khazret-Sultan, its height reaches 4643 m, it is located on the border of the Surkhandarya region with Tajikistan on the Gissar Range.

Surprisingly, even in the highlands you can find numerous villages. It is noteworthy that such villages are distinguished by their traditional appearance of the Central Asian village. If you want to see a centuries-old mountain village, meet kind-hearted people, try traditional dishes from the purest products and enjoy the picturesque view of the mountains, then welcome to the amazing mountainous Uzbekistan!

1. The "heavenly mountains" of the Western Tien Shan stretch majestically through the territories of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The highest point is Chatkal peak with a height of 4503 meters. The length of the mountain ridge is three hundred kilometers and is considered a rather difficult mountain route.
Chatkal ridge

2. The Ugam Range is part of the Tien Shan mountain range and is located on the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The length of the ridge is one hundred kilometers, and its highest point Sairam is 4299 m. The narrow slopes of the mountains in the east are covered with snow and thick ice.

3. The Pskem Range also belongs to the Tien Shan mountain system. Their length stretches for 160 kilometers with the highest point Beshtor - more than four thousand meters. It is noteworthy that on the slopes of the Pskem Range one can see broad-leaved forests and coniferous valleys, typical alpine meadows, and rare thickets in the most picturesque river valleys.

4. The Chatkal mountains form an indescribably beautiful frame of the Ferghana Valley.
Chatkal Mountains in Fergana ValleyTheir length is 120 meters and they are divided into southern and northern slopes, the last of which is considered very steep. Peak Chatkal is located on the territory of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park and is considered the pride of all Uzbekistan. Here you will meet the most beautiful places that will take your breath away: magnificent emerald lakes, alpine waterfalls, juniper forests, pastures and bare rocks.

5. Chimgan is one of the largest massifs belonging to the Chatkal mountains. Chimgan has become a favorite vacation spot for Uzbeks. As a rule, this territory is divided into several zones. Big Chimgan - the highest point of the region with a height of 3309 meters, is difficult to climb, but this does not stop lovers of mountain recreation and mountaineering. Small Chimgan is located next to Big Chimgan and is the most accessible route in mountain climbing, its height is 2097 meters.

The Chimgan region is replete with numerous recreation areas, sanatoriums and resorts. There are a variety of tourist and climbing routes for every taste with different categories of difficulty.

6. The Gissar-Alai mountain system is partly located on the territory of the Ferghana Valley with a length of nine hundred kilometers. The valleys of the mountain system are rich in beautiful lakes, mysterious caves and picturesque slopes.

7. The Gissar Range is located between the basins of the Zerafshan and Amu Darya rivers. The length of the ridge is 200 kilometers. The low slopes of the mountains form unique views, creating natural and historical monuments. On this territory you can see such places as the cave of Amir Timur, the Maidanak plateau and the astronomical observatory, the Gissar State Mountain and Archa Reserve and much more.

8. The Zerafshan Range is part of the Gissar Mountains, stretches for 370 kilometers and has more than 130 passes. On the territory of the ridge there is one unusual plateau "Devil's Helmet" or "Shaitan Zhiga". The plateau is located not far from Samarkand, thirty kilometers away. The local elders themselves do not even remember why the tract got such a name. But on this territory you can see bizarrely shaped boulders, unusual figures of mountains, in which you can see the outlines of wild animals.

9. The Nurata Mountains stretch north to Nuratau, their length is 170 kilometers. Here is the Nurata State Mountain and Walnut Reserve, which occupies the territory of the Jizzakh region. The nature reserve is a forest home to numerous representatives of flora and fauna, including the walnut and the endemic subspecies of Severtsov's sheep.
nature of Jizzak

10. Yakkabag and Baysun mountains are located next to each other and are considered one of the highest in Uzbekistan. The mountains are separated by rivers and gorges, which makes them difficult to access. One of the striking sights of the Baysun Mountains is the Khoja Gur Gur Ota massif - an unusual peak with a five-hundred-meter cliff, located on the territory of the Surkhandarya region. In addition, here you can see the Derbent Gorge, deep canyons, petrified dinosaur footprints, the Teshik-Tash cave, the ancient mountain village of Baysun and many other attractions.

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