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Savitsky State Museum of Arts


Do you want to visit the real Central Asian "Louvre"? Then you should definitely visit the legendary Savitsky Museum of arts in Nukus.

The founder of the Museum – Igor Savitsky, first came to Karakalpakstan in 1950 and from the first days madly loved this unknown land. He expressed his love for the nature of Karakalpakstan, its history, culture and people in the collection he gathered and presented in the Museum, which opened in 1966. Since then, he has devoted his life to adding to the Museum's exhibits, including paintings by not only famous artists, but also unknown ones.

Why is the Museum called the second Louvre? Because its collection is the best art collection in the Asian region and has the second largest collection of works of the Russian avant-garde, and in 2001 the English newspaper "The Guardian"called it one of the most beautiful museums in the world".


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Men borgib kòrganman. Juda zòr muzey.

Salohiddin Nishonov | 07.12.2022

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