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Start living without corruption from childhood!


Since childhood, we have dreamed of achieving great goals - to become educated and successful people. Many people face various threats and stumbling blocks on the way to achieving their goals, and many young people take the wrong path for the easy realization of their goals. One of such threats is corruption.

Corruption is one of the terrible vices of society. This vice undermines the democracy, leads to the violation of human rights and dignity, worsens the quality of life and creates a favorable environment for the flourishing of organized crime, terrorism and other phenomena that threaten the security of people.And in our country, it is the duty of every citizen to put an end to this vice and eradicate it, to form immunity against it in the future generation reaching the age of majority, and to clearly show that corruption is the key to the decay of society.

In our country, favorable opportunities have been created for those who study, get a job, engage in entrepreneurship, in any industry, effectively using their equal opportunities, live with dignity, avoiding corruption.

The development of such economic spheres as tourism and sports in our country is gaining momentum, and the successes achieved at the Olympic and Paralympic competitions are admirable. We should all be able to say “no” to corruption manifestations and take responsibility for creating a healthy lifestyle of the future generation without corruption.

Dear citizens, in cases of corruption in your life, please contact the following contact number: +998 95 342 42 62

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