Three springs and the mysterious Cemetery of poplars


"Uch bulok" – "Three springs" is a place of pilgrimage, located in the Andijan region, on the southern side of the Andijan-Namanangan highway. The picturesque corner consists of a rectangular garden and a flower garden. In the central part of the garden there is an aivan for reading prayers during the pilgrimage. The ivan is decorated with patterned carvings in the national style.

Exact information about the appearance of three sources at this place has not been preserved. However, a legend among the locals says that Saint Seyid Burhaniddin Kilich visited this place. After his visit, numerous poplars grew up. The locals did not cut the trees. Growing, branches fell off, old trees died and decomposed in the same place. So, this place began to be called "Mazar of poplars". 

The three springs that have appeared are located at a distance of 1-1.5 meters from each other and are thermal. Many pilgrims come here to drink some water. It is believed that water can relieve pain and cure many ailments.

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