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The tourism forum “Tourist potential of the regions of Uzbekistan” was held in Bishkek

16.03.2024 122

On March 15 of this year, a tourism forum was organized at the Jannat Rejensi hotel in Bishkek, aimed at increasing the flow of tourists to our country under the title “Tourist potential of the regions of Uzbekistan.”

In total, 10 representatives of the Fergana region took part in the forum, of which 5 were Margilan and Rishtan artisans, 2 tour operators, 1 transport company and 2 representatives of the regional tourism department, 4 from the Samarkand region, 1 representative of the regional tourism department, 2 tour operators and 1 transport company, from The Namangan region was attended by 4 specialists from the regional tourism department and 2 tour operators. The total number of participants from Uzbekistan was 18 people.

52 specialists from 36 travel companies and 5 tour operators from different regions of Kyrgyzstan, in total more than 60 specialists in the field of tourism, took part in KATO (Association of Tour Operators of Kyrgyzstan) from Kyrgyzstan.

During the forum, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the Kyrgyz Republic Kh.M. Mirzakhidov explained in detail the reforms implemented in the tourism sector over the past 7 years in our country, as well as opportunities in the transport sector. Tourist attractions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the city of Tashkent and all regions were presented to the Kyrgyz side through interesting videos and presentations.

In addition, displays of Margilan satin and Adras national fabrics “Margilan”, national clothing, sewing crafts and pottery from the Rishtan region were organized, which left a great impression on the guests.

Following the forum, B2B meetings were organized between tour operators and transport companies of the two countries.

Reached agreements:

1. A Memorandum was signed between the Department of Tourism of the Fergana Region and KATO (Association of Tour Operators of Kyrgyzstan) to attract tourists, develop mutually beneficial projects and apply best practices in the field of tourism.

2. Valley Auto Tour LLC, a transport company providing tourism services in Couva, cooperates with the Kyrgyz companies Avtobus key dji and Luxus AERO Reisenanol, Datka travel, Kyrgyz Guided Tours, Atlas travel LLC . agreements on mutual cooperation in the field of tours to Uzbekistan were signed.

3. Enterprise “Mukhtar Nur Trans Service” LLC, Samarkand region, Kyrgyz Republic “C.A.T. Company", "Inter Asia Group", "Asia Expeditions", "Ak-Sai Travel", "Travel Land", "Ultimate Adventure", "Sayakat Tourism" tour operators and transport and hotel services for tourists visiting Samarkand through these tour operators. and various agreements have been concluded to develop tour packages.

4. Judging by the presentation of the “Flower Festival”, which will be held in Namangan from May 19 to June 23 of this year, all tour operators in Kyrgyzstan have shown great interest in this festival. It was decided to attract tourists from all over Kyrgyzstan to this festival. In this regard, an agreement was reached that the Namangan Region Tourism Department will prepare promotional materials for the festival and present them to the Kyrgyz side and work together.

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