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The tourism industry of Uzbekistan will be developed jointly with the leading company “numa GmbH”

30.11.2023 340

Cooperation has been established with the leading German company “numa GmbH” in order to widely promote the tourism potential of Uzbekistan in foreign countries.

For information: “numa GmbH” was founded in 2016 and is a German company specializing in tour operations, marketing and PR. His main focus is cultural and specialty tours in the Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia. numa GmbH is a member of the German Travel Association (DRV). Members of the German Travel Association account for the majority of the turnover in the market of tour operators and travel agencies.

The main goal of the project is to popularize the tourism potential and attractiveness of Uzbekistan as a tourist destination in the region “The DACH”, which belongs to three countries of Central Europe, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, through targeted marketing activities, potential travelers will learn about the various tourism offers and cultural values of Uzbekistan.

In addition, cooperation between Uzbekistan and Central European countries in the field of tourism, the development of new tourist routes of interest to tourists, as well as the conclusion of agreements between travel companies and the expansion of cooperation networks are important aspects in the development of economic relations between these countries.

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