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The tourism potential of Uzbekistan is promoted on Euronews

11.12.2023 301

On the world's prestigious TV channel Euronews, a show was broadcast about the Ugom-Chotqol national reserve, one of the most beautiful tourist resorts in Uzbekistan. "Euronews" reporters climbed one of the peaks of West Tyan-Shan and filmed a spectacular travel show about nature destinations, a few hours from Tashkent. There is no doubt that such tourist routes as the livestock reservoir, the Obi Rahmat archaeological monument, the Amirsoy ski resort, where rock images of the oldest people are preserved, attract the attention of travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

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"Euronews" is Europe's leading international news channel, bringing worldwide multilingual news from a European perspective to more than 400 million households in 160 countries. It has 12 crossplatform language versions, including 9 separate television versions.

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