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Tourist Police


Uzbekistan is a country of safe tourism. This is indicated by statistical data. In 2019, Uzbekistan entered the top five safest countries in the world for single tourists. These data were presented in the annual report of the online travel service Wegoplace.

In June 2019, the Department of Tourism Safety was organized in the Tashkent Police Department, which currently employs more than 40 employees. In parallel with Tashkent, in the same year, departments for safe tourism were formed in Samarkand, Bukhara and other cities.
The task of the tourist police is to create safe conditions for the stay of foreign tourists who sincerely want to get acquainted with our unique country and, of course, from its best side.

Polite staff of the tourist police, without the help of interpreters and guides, will always help you find the right object and get to the right route. And if an unforeseen situation occurs, they promptly contact law enforcement agencies.

The offices of the Tourist Police Department are located directly in the tourist information centers. Every day, large tourist sites, railway stations, airports – the places of the greatest concentration of tourists, are patrolled by operational groups of the tourist police.

The tourist police today is the face of the country. And therefore, a special place is occupied by the external image of police officers.
And so, the other day it became known that the Tourist Police Department in Tashkent began testing special uniforms of a new model for police officers.

"In the development of the form, first of all, attention is paid to the appearance, at the same time, its convenience and modern design were not left out of sight. In addition, other aspects were taken into account: the specifics of the activities of the service staff, climatic properties and modernity," - the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan noted.

A polite smile, a neat appearance and prompt response to the situation are the main success factor of the work of the tourist police of Uzbekistan. And a safe journey is a guarantee of stability plus a positive image of the country.

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I think the deployment of tourist police is an excellent idea if in practice in performs as originally intended viz enforces the rules and regulations to ensure that all tourists are protected from unfair treatment. My wife and I find Uzbekistan to be a very hospitable country with courteous people, an efficient transport system and beautiful cities which are kept clean and litter-free. We should like to return again soon, but it is a long way from England.

M and S Smith | 16.04.2024

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