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Tourist routes of Akhangaran district


Akhangaran is a well-known industrial district of the Tashkent region. Actually, the Tashkent oasis itself is formed due to the confluence of two rivers Akhangaran and Chirchik. The region has a deep history. Initially, the Tashkent oasis was called Shash-Ilak. Ilak is the ancient name of the valley of the Ahangaran River. In this region, in the area of the Tuyabuguz reservoir (Tashkent Sea), the first agricultural settlements belonging to the Burguluk culture (XI-VII centuries BC) were discovered. In the early Middle Ages, the Ilak Mountains were actively used for mining mountain ores. One of the branches of the Great Silk Road, which led to the ancient cities of the Ferghana Valley (Davan state), also passed through Akhangaran.

Водохранилище в Ахангаранском районе

The region is famous for its unique natural features: the blue mountain ranges of Ilaka, the crystal lakes of Arashan and the cool sais (ponds) that surround countless Uzbek villages. There are also preserved ancient sites for pilgrimage: Hazrati Ali and Ertoshsoy Jameh mosque.

Today we will make a small excursion along the main tourist routes of the Akhangaran district, stop in cozy mountain villages and tell you about the opportunities for accommodation and recreation.

Ovzhasoy village
The picturesque mountain village of the Akhangaran district of Ovzhasoy, located in the mahalla of Sanam, is geographically adjacent to the mountainous regions of Namangan region and northern Tajikistan. The area is popular for its blue mountain ranges, surrounded by lush juniper forests.
The area is famous for its clean mountain air, numerous water sources, as well as unique flora and fauna.

Attractions of the village

Khazrati Ali Shrine

The unique area is associated with the ancient legend of Khazrati Ali, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who came to these lands. According to legend, a great bloody battle took place here. When the soldiers of the Prophet won, Khazrati Ali jokingly turned to the sky, asking for water for ablution as a thank you for the victory. And then a revelation came to him – he could only touch and wish. At the spot where Khazrati Ali's hand had touched, a spring had sprung up. Today, it is not known about the exact burial place of the saint, only seven shrines are known, one of which is located in the village of Ovzhasoy.

Agrotourism in the village of Ovzhasoy

In the village of Ovzhasoy, agro-tourism is actively developing. Enterprising residents of the village open guest houses for tourists, and one even has a pet menagerie. Here they breed peacocks, black vultures and other domestic and wild birds.

By the way, there are 7 family guest houses in the village and active activities are underway to open new accommodation facilities.

Ertoshsoy tourist village

Another large mountain village of the Akhangaran district is located on the territory of the Kuksaroy mahalla. The village of Ertosh is located in the center of the mountain formations that connect the Tashkent and Namangan regions.
Today, there are more than 15 family guest houses in the tourist village of Ertoshsoy, and the regional administration is working on increasing the number of such accommodation facilities.
In the village there is a large Friday mosque Ertoshsoy Jameh. But among the main natural objects worthy of admiration, one can distinguish a large system of lakes Arashan.

Arashan Lakes

In the upper reaches of the Kunjul tributary of the Akhangaran River, on the border dividing the Pap district of Namangan region with the Tashkent region, there are the most beautiful in the region Arashan lakes.

The lake system includes 4 lakes: Arashan, Khoja Arashan, Big and Small Arashan. All of them are high-altitude lakes and are located at altitudes from 2774 to 3365 meters above sea level.

Not far from the lakes there is a thermal spring, the water in which keeps the temperature up to 36.7 degrees throughout the year. According to one legend, the water pool was built on the orders of one of the rulers, who often came to this area for treatment. If you climb a few meters up the mountain slope, you can see a large Sufi tomb decorated with the horns of a mountain argali. According to legend, it is on this place that the grave of the patron saint of Arashan is located.

These and other wonders of Akhangaran are waiting for you! Come to Akhangaran district to enjoy the mountain scenery, wild valleys, amazing shrines, rivers and high-altitude lakes.

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