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Uzbekistan and Italy will launch a tourist train called “The Samarkand Express”

06.05.2024 148

Rich in historical heritage and natural beauty, Uzbekistan has taken an important step in developing its tourism potential by launching the “The Samarkand Express” tourist train as part of the 25th jubilee session of the UN World Tourism Organization General Assembly held in Samarkand last year. 

The launch of “The Samarkand Express” opens up new opportunities for tourism in Uzbekistan and attracts foreign travelers seeking a unique knowledge experience. The train is not just a means of transportation but also a platform for cultural exchange, offering passengers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the ancient and modern history, traditions, and lifestyle of Uzbekistan. Additionally, the project contributes to the country's economic development by creating new jobs in tourism, small and large businesses in the relevant sectors. This project also emphasizes the importance of international cooperation in tourism development, enhances Uzbekistan’s international prestige, attracts the attention of VIP tourists from around the world, and strengthens its position as one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Central Asia.

“The Samarkand Express” is a luxury train that offers passengers unprecedented comforts and a memorable travel experience. Passengers can enjoy spacious and elegant compartments, gourmet cuisine, first-class service, and panoramic windows that offer stunning views of Uzbekistan’s beautiful landscapes.

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