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Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries in the world


Uzbekistan is a very stable and peaceful country, its priority is to protect the rights of citizens and foreign tourists.

Our country is constantly developing a system of measures to ensure the safety of the population and tourists. Throughout the country, you can notice a large number of representatives of law enforcement agencies: at the airports, on crowded streets, both during the day and at night, at the entrances and exits to the Tashkent metro and underground passages, on squares, tourist sites, shopping centres and other crowded places.

Last year according to the Global Terrorism Index-2019, Uzbekistan is at the top 30 of the safest countries in the world by the level of terrorist threat.

The team of international experts has conducted the study and published the results  in their book.

The list includes 160 countries of the world, which are built in the table by the level of terrorist threat. According to the experts, our country is again among the safest states with a threat level of 0.019 points.

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