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Valley of Demons - wonders of nature


In the Samarkand region, just 30 km from the city, there is one mysterious valley - "Shaitan Zhiga" or "Devil's Helmet". This is a very mysterious place. There are huge boulders, granite blocks of bizarre shapes.

Strange stones are scattered around the valley, have fantastic shapes that resemble either the faces of demons, or the features of pagan deities, or the figures of wild animals. In the dark stones, you can really see a tiger, a huge frog, a bear and even a bird of prey.

Stone blocks are rather sculptures, looking at which it is hard to believe that nature herself tried to create them. Everyone can interpret some sculptures in their own way, in them you can see a giant with a severed head, gigantic heads of giants pressing against each other, a giant skull of a head, melted castles, frozen labyrinths, petrified warriors and much more.

Many tourists notice an unpleasant atmosphere in this place, the boulders seem quite inhospitable and frightening. There are no trees and shrubs here, locals prefer to bypass the plateau side. In the spring, springs break out from under the stones, and shepherds bring livestock here to fast.

No one knows exactly where this name came from. According to local legend, in pagan times, sacrificial rites were held here, as well as during the meeting of Light and Darkness, earthly heroes fought their battles, tearing rocks and mountains out of the ground, and throwing them at each other. So the mountains were destroyed, and their fragments took such incredible shapes.

From a scientific point of view, rain, sun, wind and the peculiarities of the soil structure in this area are to blame for the creation of a natural phenomenon. Be sure to visit the "Plateau of Demons" to see firsthand the creation of nature.

Photo:, Relisa Granovskaya.

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