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26.04.2024 142

There is a saying in our people that a good rest is a sympathy for hard work. There are many wonderful places for a pleasant vacation in our country, Parkent district of Tashkent region is one of them. According to the relevant documents issued by our government, starting from 2024, it is decided to hold the seasonal gastronomic festival “Somsa Sayli” in Parkent district every year. In this regard, various entertainment events are planned to be held within the spring food festival in the village of Zarkent in Parkent district.

Starting from April 20 to May 20, participants are offered various types of somsa and national dishes such as sumalak and halim.

Most importantly, concert programs of famous singers are also shown, daytime entertainment shows are connected to big concert programs in the evening.

Another noteworthy point is that there are various attractions for children.

Performances of folk groups and artists from all over the Tashkent region have been spreading festive mood to the participants of the festival since the morning. The main concert programs of this event start at 16:00.

Be sure to come to the event, which takes place in the heart of the charming nature, and enjoy mador somsa, spinach somsa and uniquely delicious kebabs, as well as our energizing national dishes such as halim and sumalak, enjoy the weather!

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