Yashil Makon - let's save our planet together!


In November 2021, at the initiative of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a nationwide project "Yashil Makon" - "Green Land" was launched throughout the country, the purpose of which is to preserve natural resources and ensure ecological diversity.

Yesterday, April 5, employees of the "National PR Center" State Unitary Enterprise also joined the nationwide movement "Yashil Makon". As part of the campaign, 50 seedlings of various types of trees were planted in the Oltinsoy mahalla, which is located on the Soyibuyi street of the Alamazar district, Tashkent. Planting trees is a huge benefit for the preservation of our ecology and our future, and years later the next generation will only bless us, reaping the fruits of our labors.

Connect  to this movement, because every tree planted will give a new life to our blooming land! 

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