10 easy steps to a healthy lifestyle


Health is the most important component of our life activity. You can't buy it with any money. Good health is the first step to success, it is self-confidence, nice shape, physical strength and protection from any threats. And also, health gives us the opportunity to give a new life. Today it has become fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle: eat healthy foods, exercise, be active and always young! We lead a healthy lifestyle and give 10 useful tips on how to maintain health at any age.

Sport is the main thing

Sport is very important for keeping our body in great shape. Scientists have proven that a sporty lifestyle slows down the aging process at the DNA level: daily workouts prevent cell death and slow down this process. A sedentary lifestyle provokes obesity, diseases of the cardiovascular and immune systems, and many other diseases.Physically active people provide themselves with longevity, health, a balanced nervous system, a good shape and a youthful face. And sports also gives cheerfulness and a good mood for the whole day.

If you are not an avid athlete, start with a simple walk or even running, try to replace sometimes driving a car with a bicycle, you will feel a tremendous change in your well-being and prolong your health for many years.

Healthy food

Healthy food is the key to our longevity. A high-quality and timely meal strengthens and improves our health, gives us physical and spiritual strength, prevents various diseases.

Nutritionists claim that the secret of longevity lies precisely in a healthy and full-fledged diet, in proper food intake. At this moment, we receive all the vital energy, building material for the development of the body, biologically important nutrients for an active life, preservation and strengthening of immunity.

Healthy eating is not only about endless diets and weight control, but also a full-fledged ration, which should contain all the substances we need for our health - proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, minerals, vitamins.And everything that we need is given by nature. Meat, fruits, vegetables, bread and cereals, dairy products – we must consume all this fresh and in a rational amount.

Dispel the myth. Uzbek cuisine is not the most harmful!

Uzbek cuisine is very tasty and high-calorie, and many nutritionists do not recommend traditional dishes of Uzbek cuisine. The main disadvantage of our dishes is the abundance of flour products, most often from high-grade flour, an abundance of fat and spices that adversely affect our body.

But human nature is so arranged that he must eat those foods that correspond to his habitat and climate. Uzbek families have been taught since childhood to eat some foods that nutritionists do not favor, fats and dairy products, so that the body grows strong and stable.

If we consider each ingredient used in our kitchen separately, then traditional food is rich in vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates — there is meat, and a large number of vegetables, herbs and spices.The richness and abundance of Uzbek dishes allows you to choose and make all kinds of variations, replacing harmful products with useful ones. For example, in the spring in Uzbekistan, green samsa is prepared, on the day of the vernal equinox Navruz – sumalyak from sprouted wheat sprouts.
The biggest plus of Uzbek cuisine is a large number of vegetables. For example, two types of carrots, onions, barberry, chickpeas are added to the classic pilaf — the use of such a set of products improves the intestinal microflora and metabolism. The traditional soup - shurpa contains a daily allowance of vegetables: tomatoes, greens, potatoes, carrots, sweet peppers.
In Uzbekistan, they also like fermented milk products. Katyk, suzma, guzha, ayran have an excellent effect on the work of the intestines and on general immunity.

If you want to be healthy, run the pedal!

Scientists from Purdue University (USA) have proven that regular cycling reduces the risk of heart disease by 50%. According to the British Heart Foundation, about 10,000 heart attacks a year could be prevented if people kept themselves in shape. A couple of dozen kilometers by bike a week, and you will reduce the risk of heart disease by more than half.A bicycle is a great opportunity not only to lose weight and get fit, but also to strengthen your health and immunity.

Running - the key to health

Running is a great option for maintaining physical fitness. Morning running allows you to give cheerfulness and a charge of energy for the whole day. Running is very good for health, it helps to strengthen the muscular and nervous systems, activates blood circulation, trains the heart and relieves nervous tension. And running is also an excellent pacemaker exercise for novice athletes.Evening promenade

Evening walks are another way to longevity. This option of passive sports is suitable especially for the elderly. After a hearty dinner, we take our moms and dads by the arm and go for a walk.

Exercise is very useful for the prevention of stagnation in the joints and weakening of bones. For example, exercise during the day is very shown to people with "sedentary" professions, or those who, due to working conditions or health conditions, need to stay in the same position for a long time.

And evening walks are also useful for young children and their parents for a restful sleep.

Healthy sleep

Sleep is very important for our health. The duration of a person's life depends on the duration of sleep. Scientists say that a healthy person's sleep should last at least 8 hours.

Chronic lack of sleep negatively affects our body and contributes to the development of serious diseases: cardiovascular system, deterioration of brain function, risk of diabetes, overweight, decreased immunity and many others.

Morning exercises

Morning exercise is a great start to your day. And it's not necessarily a heavy load with long-distance running. The main purpose of charging is to wake up the body, adjust it to an active rhythm after a night's rest.

After a couple of weeks of such a regime, you will notice a decrease in fatigue during the day, you will become more active, cheerful and fit.Healthy lifestyle since childhood

All healthy children are physically active. They are taught to organized physical culture, to proper nutrition in the family, in kindergarten and at school, in sports sections.

It is important to separate physical education and sports here. The goal of physical education is to strengthen health, and sports is to achieve sports results and victories. But physical culture, as well as sports should be in the life of every child.

We are part of nature

Scientists from the University of East England have officially proved that walking in nature is good for health. For this study, scientists had to gather almost 300 million people from 20 countries around the world.

By “nature”, scientists mean not only forests and mountains and rural areas, but also urban parks and reservoirs. People who live near them and spend more time in the bosom of nature are less likely to complain about their health. Such people have a reduced risk of heart and head diseases, diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure.And as a fact, the preservation of natural habitat and being in nature prolongs human life and health.

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