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Aydarkul –a pristine beauty oasis


A worthy place in the list of water tourism routes is occupied by the drainless lake Aydarkul, located in the endless desert of Kyzylkum.

Because of the beautiful color of the water and its impressive size, the picturesque lake is often called the "turquoise sea in the sand". No more than two thousand people live on the banks of Aydarkul, so the nature around the lake remains wild and untouched.

The shores of the lake extend from Nurata district of Navoi region to Farish and Mirzachul districts of Jizzakh region.

There are no undercurrents on the lake and the salt content in the water is not high enough, which has a beneficial effect on the development of flora and fauna in the area. There is a huge number of fish such as walleye, carp, asp, chukhon, bream, which is favorable for the development of the fishing season and a successful catch.

Over the surface of the lake, you can often see soaring pink pelicans, graceful swans, and white herons. Here also found shelter birds listed in the Red book - curly pelican, small cormorant, red-throated kazarka, piskulka, white-eyed dipper, steppe harrier, white-tailed eagle, black vulture.

In addition to the wide variety of flora and fauna of the lake, Aydarkul is considered one of the best places to relax. Many kilometers of beaches with surprisingly soft and clean sand, pristine cleanliness of coastal thickets, as well as the peace and quiet of the coastal zone will leave a lot of positive impressions and unforgettable sensations.

Fans of active recreation and local history are happy to take part in ethnographic excursions to yurt camps on the banks of Aydarkul.


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