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Resort on lake Tudakul


More recently, it became known about the beginning of construction of an ecotouristic beach zone with an area of 15 hectares in the Bukhara region on the territory of the Tudakul reservoir.

Tudakul reservoir or lake Tudakul, as it is called by local residents – an amazing oasis in the middle of the desert, located on the territory of the Navoi region, near Bukhara. The water in the reservoir is bitterly salty and partially mineralized, which resembles the sea.

The flora and fauna near the reservoir surprises with its rich diversity. Here you can meet eagles, gazelles, foxes, wild cats, hares, bustards. A large number of waterfowl can be observed during seasonal migrations to the south: grey geese, swans, pelicans and even gulls. Some species of flora and fauna are listed in the Red book of Uzbekistan.

There is a recreation area on the Tudakul reservoir. Fans of "wild recreation" can come here to sunbathe, swim and even fish. An entertainment complex with a water park, a mini-Disneyland, a hotel and playgrounds for those who like comfortable rest will soon be built. The ecozone will meet all modern standards and trends of active recreation.

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ДӘМДІ ТАҒАМДАР | 05.07.2022

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