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Castle Of Nur

18.05.2022 1290

Nur Kale-an old castle in the District of Nurota of Navoi region and restored from pakhsa Nur kale several marotaba were built and renovated. Since the top of the fortress was a high Kingdom, it served as a observation of the enemy, and a mole was built on top of the Fort. It is not known when the construction of the fortress, the length of which is around 60 meters, there is a corridor between the Mula and the fortress. Some archaeological excavations show that the structure existed in the millady V-VI centuries.

There were only two gates designed to pass through the fortress to the Bukhara and Samarkand oases. The first was called Jizzakh, the second was called Nurota. Both soldiers and caravans from anywhere other than the gate could not pass.

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