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The Chashma Complex


The Chashma complex is located in the heart of Nurata city of Navoi region. This is an incredible place that has many legends and tales. Thousands of people come here from all over the world to enjoy this cult complex, see the monuments at first hand, touch the ancient and incomprehensible, and pray in the Holy land.

According to the legend, forty thousand years ago a light-emitting meteorite fell on this place, after which a crater and a miraculous water source appeared here. The water in it is considered to be healing, so the complex is called “Chashma”, which means “spring”, and the name of the area “Nur” means “light”.

The water temperature in the sacred spring is always the same – about 20 degrees. The scientists, after the studying the water samples, found a whole complex of useful chemical elements. There are flocks of schizothorax in the spring, but it is strictly forbidden to feed, fish and eat them.

There is a Besh Panja well nearby with a depth of 6 meters. It’s water flows into the “Chashma” spring.

Opposite the spring there are the ruins of the ancient fortress of Nur, once built by Alexander the Great.

The Friday “Juma” mosque is located directly above the holy spring. At its base there are forty wooden columns, and the diameter of the dome reaches 16 meters. The complex also includes “Panjvakta” mosque, a bathhouse and a mazar-cemetry.


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