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The creative group of the TV program «Непутевые заметки» in Uzbekistan

26.03.2024 116

The Tourism Committee organized a visit by representatives of «Первого канала» to Uzbekistan to film the next edition of the TV program «Непутевые заметки» (def. "Wayward Notes"), which is regularly broadcast on Russian television.

The creators of the TV program, which gathered more than 10 million viewers around the world, in order to widely promote the tourism potential, history, culture and gastronomy of Uzbekistan not only among Russian but also foreign viewers, will show the historical and modern sights of our country. 

In particular, they visited Bukhara, Samarkand regions and Tashkent, where they got acquainted with cultural heritage sites, national cuisine and Uzbek traditions. 

In addition, during the visit, the foreign guests were provided with detailed information about the reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan in the field of tourism, as well as the wide opportunities created for travelers.

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