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Ecocenter "Jeyran"


The unique reserve was established in 1977 and has the status of a protected natural area. To date, the area of the reserve is 16.5 thousand hectares, the animals are kept in semi-enclosures.

During the creation of the ecocenter, a huge territory suitable for the life of rare animals was fenced with a net, and animals, including goitered gazelles, were collected from the villages from local residents and in the expanses of the Kyzylkum desert. At that time, many families kept goitered gazelles as decoration, along with peacocks. The territory began to be protected from poachers and malefactors.

Today, the ecocenter has all the conditions for keeping animals. The creation of the center allowed to increase the number of not only goitered gazelles, but also many other rare mammals, birds, fish, insects and reptiles. In the nursery you can see long-spined hedgehogs, kulans, Przhevalsky horses, Bukhara mountain sheep, markhor goats, pink pelicans, herons, swans, eagles, falcons, gray monitor lizards and many other animals of the desert zone of Uzbekistan.

There are lakes on the territory of the reserve, which are replenished by the Amu-Bukhara canal, so the animals have drinking water. To date, the territory of the Ecocenter is rapidly ennobled. Soon additional tourist routes will be opened here, which will provide an opportunity to observe rare animals. Watching Przhevalsky's horses, a subspecies of a wild horse that lives in Central Asia, will bring special pleasure. Such horses are very rare and there are only about two thousand individuals left in the world.

In the future, it is planned to increase the number of animals in the ecocenter, expand scientific research, create 3D tours on a special website, additional tourist facilities will be organized adjacent to the territory of the reserve, and much more.

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