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Hissar Mountain Range

18.05.2022 1886

In the western slopes of the Hisar system (Pamir-Alai Mountain system)in the Kashkadarya region there is a unique reserve created to protect the mountain ecosystems and arches of the Hisar. The reserve area is 80986 hectares.

Natural objects of the Reserve are unique. It is here that one of the deepest caves of Central Asia is located – the Amir Timur cave. 2900 m.this settlement with a height of more than 1000 meters consists of two caves, the length of which reaches almost 1000 meters. The caves here have a beautiful lake of yerosti, which is fed by high Grots with stalactite, as well as rare Springs. Among the tourist attractions can be found the Holy Mountain Hazrati Sultan, the traces of the fallen dinosaur, Suvtushar waterfall, Kyzylshavar karst Plateau, Khodjakar high mountain plateau, Janka high mountain lake, Kalasoy gorge, Zarmas gorge, Seversev ice, Gilon, Zarmas and Lake sermanzara mountain villages, Kyzylgaz summer summers.

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