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House Museum of Jahon-Otin Uvaysi


Address: 96-а Navbahor Street, Margilan

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-05:00pm

Day off: Sunday

Facade of the Uvaysi house-museum

In the city of Margilan, in 2006, the house-museum of Jahan-Otin Uvaysi was opened. The expositions of the museum are devoted to the life and work of Jahan-Otin Uvaysi, also known as Jahan-bibi, Uvasi, Vaysi or Uvaysa - an Uzbek poetess, a classic of literature in the Chagatai language, who lived in Margilan and Kokand from 1781 to 1845.

The museum has many unique exhibits related to the life and work of the poetess, which are very interesting for everyone, especially those who are fond of the culture and history of Central Asia. Personal belongings: chests, scarves, outerwear, shoes, hats, musical instruments, vases, jugs, lagans and other kitchen utensils, as well as paintings, photographs, original fragments of works and books by Uvaysi and other Uzbek writers and poets of the 18-19th century printed in our time.

The poetess was fond of traditional oriental classical literature and poetry, wrote in the style of "Dastans" and lyric poems "Divans". She also wrote Mukhamases on gazelles, literary imitations and commentaries on the poems of famous poets who lived in different eras in Central Asia.

Uvaisi was one of the founders of the genres of social and love female poetry, opening a new page in the history of Uzbek literature.

Famous works of Jahan-Otin Uvaysi:

- "Karbala-name": "The Poem of Prince Hassan", "The Poem of Prince Hussein";

- "History of Muhammad-Alikhan".

Visit the Uvaysi house-museum, touch the era of that time - get to know the ancient East as it really was, in its truly inimitable form.


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