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The house-museum of Fayzulla Khodzhayev


The house-museum of Fayzulla Khodzhayev is a bright example of architecture of the XIX century, famous not only for its owner – a rich millionaire merchant, but also for its magnificent decoration, resembling a luxury hotel. Today it is a cult place where you can touch the history and culture of the late XIX-XX centuries, the opportunity to see the merchant life of those times, rare examples of furniture, interior and art.
Дом-музей Файзуллы ХоджаеваThe house-museum of Fayzulla Khodzhayev is located in the center of Bukhara. Its owner was first Ubaydullo Khoja Kasym Khodjaev – a famous merchant, and then the house passed to his son-heir Fayzulla Khodjaev. The house was purchased in the late 80s of the XIX century, it was a large plot with an area of three hectares. On this square, the merchant built several houses, counting on his large family.

The house consists of two parts: the male part and the female part. In addition, there are rooms for household needs, a large living room of the "mekhmonkhona", small living rooms, balconies. Each room is decorated with carved wood, antiques, exclusive furniture, rare decoration. In many rooms you can see expensive dishes of those years, household items, clothes, painted vases and many other luxury items.

Fayzulla Khodjaev (1896-1938) did not inherit the entrepreneurial streak from his father, he was a statesman, was engaged in promoting the ideas of Jadidism, later he headed the Bukhara People's Soviet Republic. In 1937, he was arrested in Tashkent in a controversial case, in 1938 he was sentenced to death and shot in Moscow. In 1965, he was completely rehabilitated.
Дом-музей Файзуллы ХоджаеваToday in the house-museum you can see echoes of the former heyday of the Bukhara emirate, several expositions telling about the life of the father and son of the Khojaevs. Among the valuable exhibits of the museum, one can note porcelain dishes, Uzbek musical instruments, elegant clothes of Bukharians. Visiting the extraordinary house-museum, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ethnographic exhibitions, magnificent decoration and examples of the luxurious life of Bukhara.

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