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"I will go to Kokand": II International Festival of Handicrafts will be held in Kokand

24.09.2021 1976

In 2022, the II International Festival of Crafts will be held in Kokand. This is provided for by the Government decree by July 8, 2021 in accordance with the relevant of the President Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 2019 on holding the festival every 2 years in September.

During the festival, it is planned to hold a scientific and practical conference "Prospects for the development of handicrafts and folk applied art".

The conference participants will discuss problems in the field of handicrafts with the participation of foreign specialists, exchange theoretical and practical experience in this direction. It is also planned to identify untapped opportunities and resources in the field of handicrafts, determine the prospects for the development of this sphere, expand scientific and practical cooperation.

In order to attract talented artisans and talented young people to participate in the festival, it is planned to hold viewing competitions under the motto "I will go to Kokand" in March and April 2022.

The document also provides for the organizational procedure for the festival: the development of a concept that includes the participation of foreign artisans and researchers in the field of handicrafts and media employees and the approval of the selection committee of the festival.

The International Festival of Crafts in Kokand is held with the aim of strengthening the international authority of the sphere of national handicrafts and folk applied arts, as well as promoting the brand "Kokand is the city of artisans of the world" and increasing the tourist potential of our country.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic and the Hunarmand Association were instructed to submit their proposals for the adoption of the Law "On Handicraft Activities" to the Cabinet of Ministers within 3 months. The document will lay the legal basis for the further development of this sphere.

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