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Kalta Minor

18.05.2022 1288

One of the most famous of the Khiva minarets is the unfinished Kalta minarets (it is also said by the names of the Blue Tower or the incomplete minarets). The tower began to be built in 1853 year by Muhammad Aminhon (next to the madrasah of the same name), and in 1855 year, when the Khan was killed and Abdullahan was put on the throne, construction work was stopped. In the people, various narratives and legends are spread in this regard.

Emishki said that Khiva Khan commands the construction of a huge and high tower in the city “let Buhari azim Kurin stand on its top”. It is reported that the Emir of Bukhara agreed with the master of the tower and plans to build a similar tower on Steam, promises that I will give evazi a lot of language. It is reported that Khiva Khan orders to throw the master out of the tower after the tower is over. Khan does not want such a minor to be repeated somewhere else. Knowing this, there are legends and legends that the Masters who worked at the bottom reported to the great master upstairs, when he told himself to find the necessary equipment, that he had flown wings to himself or hung on the rope.

The tower is currently in the form of a truncated cone. Even in the present itself has an imposing appearance. Depending on the dynamic contraction, it was close to 100 meters in length and could become the largest and tallest tower in the world. Currently, the tallest tower is the Polar Tower in Delhi, its height is 72,5 meters, with a diameter of 15,5 meters and a top diameter of 2,5 meters.

The lower diameter of the Muhammad Aminkhan minaret is 14,5 meters, the height is 29 meters, the depth of the foundation is 15 meters

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