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Kok Gumbaz

18.05.2022 1567

The blue dome mosque is an architectural monument in Shahrisabz. Ulugbek Mirzo was built by his father on behalf of Shakhrukh Mirzo (1434-35). On the porch of the veranda stored their names and historical records inscribed on the time of construction. The blue dome mosque is the main mosque in the composition of the Dor ut-tylovat ensemble. The dome, covered with blue mosses (the name is also from this), the pillars on the right and left sides of the forehead, the bolokhon is strained. The building is entered from the East by a veranda (width of the porch 10 m). On the counter sergilo used a lot of geometric decorations. On the pillars, on the main portico and wings, guldor sopols were used. In the outer race of the Khan (12,7x12,7 m), verses of the Qur'an are inscribed between the ornaments of the circus blue, blue and white colors. 8 small porticoes in the interior are intertwined with rhombus-shaped thyroid slopes and are based on 16 supports in the form of a portico. In the corners of the wall of the brick is made of 4 round stairs to the roof of the terrace. To the side arches of the porch were passed through a wide porch. Now they are berkled. The blue dome mosque was renovated in the 1970s and in connection with the 660th anniversary of Amir Temur (1995-96).

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