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Langar village in the mountains of Kashkadarya region


One winter morning, Muhammad Sodiq overslept and did not have time to warm up the water for the teacher, a famous Sufi. Trying to warm the water at least a little, the student pressed the kumgan with water to his body under his clothes, and when he brought it to the teacher, he was surprised to find that the water was boiling. And then the sheikh told Muhammad Sodiq that he had reached the highest point of enlightenment and now they had nothing to do together in one place. He ordered his disciple to go on a camel journey and stay where the camel stops. The camel stopped in the mountain gorge of the Kashkadarya River. So the village of Langar appeared. The village of Langar is distinguished by its traditional adobe houses. There you can see the ancient customs, the settled life of the Central Asian village. The village itself is located in a picturesque place, in the middle of rocks that have a bizarre shape. In addition, the inhabitants of the village are considered long-livers and do not die before 80-90 years.

On the slope of the mountain there is a shrine of Sheikh Muhammad Sodiq and an ancient cemetery of the XV century.The mausoleum has an ancient interior decoration, which was preserved in its original form. There are five graves inside the tomb. According to one of the versions, the daughter of Amir Temur is buried in one of the five graves, the tomb of Saint Muhammad Sodik with a painted golden stone is located nearby, the son of Muhammad Sodik is buried under a silver tombstone. Another grave belongs to Abuh Hassan, the sheikh of Yemen, who became a hermit.
Around the mausoleum there is a cemetery with the graves of more than three hundred followers of the saint. According to legend, if you go around the shrine three times, then all wishes will come true. On the next hill there is an old mosque of the XVI century, it is supported by 19 columns. According to legend, the mosque was built literally in one day and there was not enough material for the last column, so it was constructed from cotton.

Photo source: CANNUNDRUMS

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Вот оно, настоящее колоритное место Узбекистана.

Juliet Sadikova | 23.02.2021

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