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Lyabi-Hauz ensemble


The majestic Lyabi-Hauz ensemble (transl.from uzb. "By the pond") - one of the central monuments of ancient Bukhara. Kukeldash madrassah, Divan Begi madrassah, and the Khanaka (Sufi abode) of the same name make up the Central historic square.

Lyabi-Hauz was once a trading post on the Silk road, which contributed to the location of a shopping street next to it.

Now there is a cafe that saves you from the heat of a hot summer day with cool water.

First there was the Nadir Divan Begi madrassah, which includes a Khanaka, a swimming pool and a Caravanserai, which was later converted into another madrassah.

Tourists are interested in this place because it hosts concerts, fashion shows of Uzbek dresses and many other bright events. Near the madrassah stands a bronze monument of the humour and national hero Khoja Nasriddin, installed in the late 20th century.

The second building – Kukeldash madrassah, built in the 16th century, is one of the largest Bukhara madrassahs. It includes 160 hujras (rooms for prayings). Its facades are decorated with majolica, the main one contains a lobby, a mosque and a darshana.


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