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National House of Yunusali-Ata Gaziev


The National House of Yunusali-Ata Gaziev, one of those people who brings joy and admiration to people with their craft, and devotes their lives to folk art, has truly become one of the favorite places for tourists to visit.

An old Uzbek house in the national style, turned into a modern guest home, attracts and fascinates guests from all over the world, with bright performances by darboz masters and magnificent samples of handmade products.

National House of Yunusali-Ata Gaziev

National House of Yunusali-Ata Gaziev In the courtyard of this respected house, located in the Marhamat district of Andijan region, a small river flows. The variety of fish living in the river pleases the eyes of every visitor. Every guest from anywhere in the world can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and atmosphere created by the hands of Yunusali-ata himself, relaxing on the cot, comfortably placed in the courtyard of this unique house.

House of Yunusali-Ata Gaziev

House of Yunusali-Ata Gaziev Starting from the entrance to the house, you are struck by the uniqueness of the courtyard, these are seats crowned with ivy, a suspended cot set on a huge mulberry tree, a children's playground - on a spreading apple tree, a small garden surrounded by rose bushes, a small cot designed for 8 people, for a chess game - on a fragrant apple tree. In a word, all conditions are created here for tourists and vacationers. Currently, the team of darboz “Andijan Samosi" under the leadership of Yunusali-ota arranges various performances for guests. In the center of the courtyard there is a high dor (rope). And bright and colorful circus shows are organized here for children. All these opportunities are becoming a great art school for beginner rope walkers.

Darboz collective “Andijan Samosi”

Darboz collective “Andijan Samosi”According to Yunusali-ota, this school reveals the main secrets of mastery to young, novice tightrope walkers. This is a skill that causes admiration, respect and recognition not only among the family, the village, but also the entire Andijan region.

Family of Yunusali-ota Gaziev

Address: Andijan region, Marhamat district, landmark: school No. 24 

Contact: 998 91 1686281

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