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Tourist mahalla Duoba

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The tourism industry of Uzbekistan offers travelers new experiences, such as visiting a "tourist mahalla” that reveals the authenticity of the country's historical quarters and provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the culture and worldview of Uzbek people. The status of a tourist mahalla is assigned to districts that have cultural heritage sites, as well as guest houses that offer various services for tourists. This kind of mahalla attracts tourists because it provides a chance to gain experience of the national way of life and get positive emotions from interacting with nature, the life of residents, as well as close acquaintance with the national cuisine and participation in the process of preparing dishes.

Tourist mahalla Duoba

The mahalla Duoba is located in the south-eastern part of the Jizzakh region between the majestic mountains of the Zaamin district. The name of this place is translated from Persian as “the confluence of two streams.” The Zaamin district is known beyond the borders of the country for the Zaamin National Park, famous for its unique nature and healing air. Here, on the northern slopes, is the mountain-climatic resort “Zaamin”, offering a wide range of health treatments. The territory of the Zaamin district is rich in healing springs, and not far from the sanatorium you can try calcium-enriched water from the Sherbulak spring. In addition, to observe celestial objects, you can visit the International Radio Astronomy Observatory on the Sufa plateau. The list of objects from where you can enjoy breathtaking views of this region includes a suspended glass bridge and a cable car in the tourist-recreational zone "Zaamin".

For the comfortable stay of visitors, there are more than 97 guest houses in the mahalla, and guide services are also provided for a detailed acquaintance with local attractions. Exhibitions, various performances, and national folklore shows are held here annually, showcasing the traditions and customs of the people. Additional entertainment services are organized for tourists, such as horseback riding, quad biking, and skiing. For convenience, a tourist information center is located within mahalla, a printed map of tourist sites has been developed, and signposts in Uzbek, Russian, and English have been installed in the territory of Duoba. In order to deeply immerse tourists in the local culture, the mahalla hosts master classes on handicrafts, cooking national dishes and many other useful activities.

Jizzakh region, Zaamin district, Tourist mahalla Duoba

  • Total number of guest houses: 97
  • Total number of hotels: 9
  • Craft workshops: 12
  • Organization of entertainment performances
  • A tourist information center operates on the territory of the mahalla
  • Masterclasses on handicrafts and cooking national dishes

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