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Nuratinsky reserve


and beauties of nature and antiquity in one place. Among these is the Nurata Reserve. It is located in the central part of the Nuratau ridge in the Jizzakh region. The total area of the reserve is 17800 hectares. Nuratinsky reserve was created in the 70s of the last century to preserve the population of a special subspecies of argali - ram Severtsev, listed in the International Red Book (IUCN) and the Red Book of Uzbekistan. A genetic variety of mountain walnut and special fruit varieties grown here are also protected.

In addition to the unique nature and diversity of fauna, the Nurata Ridge itself, ancient cave paintings, the thousand-year-old tree - Biota Vostochnaya near Say Majrum, allegedly planted by Alexander the Great, Lake Fazilman, exotic mountain villages, Honbandi Dam, Arkhar Severtsev nursery attracts great interest among tourists.

The rich and diverse fauna of the Nurata Reserve is represented by more than 30 species of mammals. A Turkestan rat, a stone marten, and a Severtsev ram live in the mountains. Also, there is an eared hedgehog, a long-needle hedgehog. Among the predators, a Karaganka fox, a marten live here, in the mountain gorges there are a wolf and a steppe cat, a badger and a steppe ferret. From the foothills to the high mountains, you can find a wild boar here. The generous nature created all the conditions for the survival of these animals. Among the reptiles, there is a gray monitor lizard, a striated lupus, and a Central Asian cobra. These three species are listed in the Red Book of Uzbekistan. 

A steppe agama, a Central Asian tortoise and a lizard live in the lower zone of the mountains. Here and there, various snakes are found here: yellow-bellied, striated, multi-colored and patterned snakes, gyurza. It is interesting that one of the bird migration routes passes through the reserve. In special times of the year, the entire territory of the Nurata Reserve literally rings from the many-voiced singing of birds. Here in the reserve there is often a black stork, black vulture, griffon vulture, golden eagle, snake-eater, balaban, dwarf eagle and bearded man, jack - all of them are listed in the Red Book of Uzbekistan.

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