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Poi-Kalyan architectural ensemble


The Poi-Kalyan architectural ensemble was built in the XII-XVI centuries and located at the foot of the magnificent Kalyan minaret on the Registan square in Bukhara. The complex consists of two madrassas – Miri-Arab and Amir-Alimkhan, the Kalyan minaret and the mosque of the same name.

An interesting fact is that this place has already had a cathedral mosque with a minaret since the Arab conquest in the VIII century.

In the XII century the city was rebuilt and a new mosque and minaret appeared there. According to the Central Asian historian Narshakhi, the minaret was beautiful, but not insecure. His words turned out to be prophetic, as after the construction was completed, the minaret fell and destroyed most part of the mosque and the Kalyan minaret, which has survived to the present day, were built.

The current state of the complex takes place in the XVI century, when a new mosque and Miri-Arab madrasah was built.


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