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Russian TV project “Udivi menya” in Uzbekistan

22.09.2021 1216

September, 19-23, this year, with the assistance of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the next edition of the TV program “Udivi menya” (“Surprise me”), dedicated to the tourist potential of Uzbekistan, is being filmed in our cities.

The TV project "Udivi menya" of the Russian TV channel “My Planet” tells about various corners of the planet, introducing viewers to their sights and traditions.

The task of the presenters is to offer their own "male" and "female" set of activities, but in such a way that in the end both of them liked the time spent. All types of activities are always directly related to the peculiarities of the host country, local flavor, original ideas. According to the results of the program, the viewer receives a rating of the best "male" and "female" entertainment, as well as ideas for joint recreation.

The creative group of the project of 7 representatives has already visited the Tashkent and Samarkand regions, the group plans to visit Bukhara and the sights of the Navoi region: Nuraty, the Kyzylkum desert and Aydarkul.

Recall that in March 2019, the creative team of the TV channel “My Planet” filmed several episodes of the program "The magic of taste" in Uzbekistan: "The magic of taste" - "Samarkand and Bukhara", "Uzbekistan. Khiva" and "Navruz in Uzbekistan".

The average of the next issue of the program “Udivi menya” about Uzbekistan will be 44 minutes, and the premiere is scheduled for November this year, daily for a week (including repeated broadcasts throughout the year).

The Russian TV channel “My Planet” has a permanent audience of 30 million in Russia and about 5 million in the CIS and Baltic countries.

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