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Sherdor Madrasah


One of the religious buildings of the XVII century in Samarkand - the Sherdor madrassah is part of the Registan architectural ensemble. For several centuries, the madrassah was a famous Muslim educational institution, where outstanding philosophers and theologians studied.

The Madrasah was built by the order of the local governor Yalangtush Bakhadur on the place of the dismantled khankah of Ulugbek. Samarkand architect Abduljabbar was involved in the construction and the decor was executed by the master Mukhammad Abbas.

The design is made in the traditional Central Asian style, and the main facade impresses with the grand entrance portal topped with a pointed arch.

The madrasah got its modern name due to a drawing on the wall at the main entrance, which depicts a fantastic beast, the jeyran, resembling a tiger, and with the sun in the centre. This mosaic later became the national symbol of Uzbekistan.

The size of the Sherdor madrasah and the Ulugbek madrasah located opposite it are almost the same. According to the architect’s idea, the buildings were supposed to be a mirror image of each other. However, over the time, the terrain of the area has been slightly changed, so Sherdor became slightly lower than Ulugbek madrasah. The decor of the building is painted with sayings of the prophet Mukhammad and the fragments from the Holy Koran.

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