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Shukhov Tower in Bukhara


Among the many attractions of Bukhara, in the historical center of the city opposite the famous Ark fortress, a water tower built in 1929 according to the system of the Soviet engineer, inventor and scientist Vladimir Shukhov has been preserved. 

According to his projects, more than 200 hundred structures were built, including power lines, lighthouses and other similar structures. 

But perhaps his most famous work in Uzbekistan is this tower, which served for a long time as the water supply of Bukhara, until a fire broke out in 1975, as a result of which the wooden cladding of the tower burned down.

The construction of the structure is interesting – strips of metal without any support descend to the ground from the support ring of the foundation, and the tower itself resembles a network of separate blocks attached to each other. The stability and lightness of the structure make it possible to resist the wind. 

Today, the tower has been restored and serves as a tourist attraction. On the first and second floors there are cafes and a restaurant, and from the third floor there is a breathtaking view of the historical center of the city.

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