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Ski resort Amirsoy


Want to see the real winter in Uzbekistan? Fly to the mountains! Yes, the weather in the city promises much to be desired, after thinking about it, we decided to go with our family to the mountains, to the Amirsoy ski resort. 

The journey from Tashkent took about 2 hours. We went on the route Tashkent-Chirchik-Bostanlyk. The resort itself is located in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region, 65 km from Tashkent.

We wanted to go to Amirsoy, as it is a new modern level ski resort. The resort is ready to accept quite a large number of visitors - from professional athletes and beginners, to true fans of extreme sports. We entered the resort territory along the cleared and carefully maintained roads, parked the car, and went to explore the area.

On the territory of the resort, the tourist police and emergency medical services work all season. Current signs directed us to the ticket office, which was a real pandemonium.

Today, Amirsoy offers the following options for winter holidays:

-gondola lift for 8 people, with a stop on the ski slopes;

-chair lift for 4 people;

-terrain trails of varying degrees of length and complexity, the highest up to 120 meters;

-rides ski pass (tubing), sledding and snowmobiling;

-quad biking;

-ski equipment rental.

The resort has quite reasonable prices. For 5 people (3 adults and 2 children) skiing on skipasses, separately on the track for adults and children's tracks (for 10 trips), 1 trip on a gondola – cost about 415 thousand soums.

You can use skipass to purchase a single card for multiple trips, and if you still have unused trips, but you have already rolled them out, you can use them again throughout the season.

Ski equipment rental for 1 day is 100 thousand soums. It includes full equipment: a head helmet, glasses, waterproof clothing and skies.

The kids ride was great fun. And even our grandmother, who was afraid of going to the mountains in winter and snow-covered trails, was able to sit on the skipass and ride 2 times on the 65-meter track.

Unflappable employees of the resort, who should be paid tribute to, on passes to the ski slopes politely respond to each visitor. They work on the slopes from early morning until late at night, ensuring the safety and stable operation of the lifts. Resort employees open and close the tracks until the last guest gets on the lift, and patiently teach visitors how to ski and snowboard.

Throughout the season, the resort has modern and cozy restaurants, as well as screen bars. The menu of Amirsoy restaurants offers dishes of European and national cuisine. Here you can enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes, and even treat yourself to fragrant shish kebabs and barbecue.

The children were most happy, of course. Especially during the winter holidays, this trip to Amirsoy was a great solution for a family holiday. But we will definitely go there again.

If you want to see a real winter with snowdrifts, get a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline, rather gather your family, friends and acquaintances - go to the mountains!


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Простите, а что значит " бабушка села на скипасс"?

Наталья Голубятникова | 31.10.2022

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