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The complex of Sultan Saodat


The Sultan-Saodat complex was built within five centuries (XII-XVII centuries) at the burial sites of the Seyids of Termez. This complex is formed by religious buildings.

The basis of the complex is consists of two mausoleums, which are united by ayvan – terrace served as a memorial mosque. The mausoleums are the compositions that are covered by domes on the arches. The buildings are made of baked bricks, and there are tombstones in the mausoleums, on which the remains of decorative tiles are partially preserved.

In the second half of the XV century two more buildings were erected parallel to each other, and some buildings in the rows are united by ayvans. In the XVI-XVII centuries the courtyard, which consisted of various mausoleums of different eras, was built up. This truly great ensemble is distinguished by the mausoleums of different styles and eras, but in spite of this, they are the same structure and decoration.

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